Can I print U.S. postage from home or at the office?

Yes, you can print postage through in USD and ship the package through us. Remember if you purchase through you need a U.S. return address.


What happens if I do not have a U.S. address?

We have self-serve terminals available for postage printing at our location. You can pay for your postage in USD or CAD. If you pay in Canadian dollars, postage price will be based on our exchange rates. See tables under Shipping -> U.S. for prices.


Will I be able to track my U.S. bound packages with USPS?

Yes, USPS tracking is available on most mail classes, including First Class and Priority. You can click here to visit


How often does Superdave’s Express deliver to USPS?

Superdave’s Express delivers directly to USPS three days a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in August and September 2016. As demand increases, so will our frequency of trips.


How long will it take for my package to reach its destination?

Once you drop your package off at Superdave’s Express, the package will be dropped off at a USPS postal facility the next day. USPS First Class and Priority packages destined for a U.S. address take approximately 2 to 5 business days for delivery. Media mail and Parcel Select Round take 2 to 9 business days for delivery. 


Can I obtain a U.S. address from Superdave’s Express?

Yes. Superdave’s Express will supply you with a free U.S. address when you purchase your postage at our store location.


Can Superdave’s Express help increase my sales?

Yes! If you ship your packages through us you can lower your shipping prices to increase sales by selling on .com websites.


What do I need to do to send a package to the U.S.?

First, you need to purchase postage through us or online. Second, you need to put that information on a manifest to go across the border. We will supply you with a manifest in-store or online.


What happens if my package gets sent back or returned?

Sent back packages get returned to us at our U.S. location. We bring them back across the border and you can get it back for a return-package fee. 


What happens if my package gets lost?

Unfortunately we do not take responsibility for packages lost through USPS. If you have insurance on the package we can apply to get money back for you. The postal service losing your package is part of the cost of doing business.


How do I get started with Superdave’s Express?

Come to our location at 7250 Victoria Park Ave (North of Steeles) and speak to one of our knowledgeable associates. It’s simple and worth the time!